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taboo sex story with Maid

taboo sex story


 Sex story with my maid: how i fucked my maid, Alenia

This is the real taboo story based on the real incident about my maid. I am 30 years old, my name is Monty, I work in a bank, and I live in California. Today I am going to tell you one of my stories. This sex story is between me and my maid, Alenia, who is very young in age. Born into a poor family, she got married some time ago. Her husband does not do any work; Alenia only works and also runs the expenses of the entire house.


She is very alluring  I already had my eyes on her. Since she joined on the first day of her job as a housemaid, as it was Sunday, my wife was at her native place due to some emergency.

When she would come in the morning, she would first tie a dupatta on her breasts so that nothing could be seen from above after a couple of months had passed.

One day, the incident took place as part of a daily schedule Alenia was working as she was cleaning the bedroom. Time passed but aline didn’t come out of the bedroom. A couple of minutes passed.

I went to the bedroom, and I saw she was crying alone. I was worried, so I asked her, Alenia, why were you crying?

And then she started talking about her family. She started telling me that only six months have passed since I got married, my husband does not do any work, he only smokes marijuana at home, and I manage the expenses of the entire house. But nowadays, I am very worried.


When I asked why she was upset, she started telling me. I am the eldest daughter of my family; I have another sister younger than me; my father is ill; my mother works in a madam’s house; and I have to pay some money to my father. Because he had borrowed it from someone, he now comes every day and abuses it. My house is near my mother-in-law’s house. That man also stares at me. I am very scared. I understood the delicateness of the occasion and immediately placed my hand on his shoulder.


She was a little hesitant at first and then calmed down. I said I would help you, so she said, Will you help me? I said whatever I said, I said, and I asked how much money it would take. She said I needed five thousand rupees. I said okay and immediately took out $200 and gave it. Alenia started saying, I won’t refuse any of your work; I will not forget this favor. After that, I immediately said that there was a need.

taboo sex story with maid

You know, your sister-in-law has gone to the village, and the doctor asked me to do an oil massage every night, but I am not able to do it; my back is breaking. Then Alenia said, Why are you worried? You are doing it; I will do it, so I said, Alenia, how can you come at night? Then she said my husband has gone to the village; he will come after three to four days. I will come in the evening and leave at night after doing the massage.

taboo sex story with maid
taboo sex story with maid

I said, I can’t send at night; these days the youth are bad; it is not right for you to go alone at night. Then she said, Okay, I will stay here for the night. And my work was done. She came in the evening, well dressed. I fed her and called her to my bedroom for a massage. I was only wearing a towel and had also removed the innerwear; she was wearing a scarf again. It was tied as it was, and when I asked her to open it, she opened it immediately. i got a little hint 

Both her round breasts were visible outside, and she started applying oil to my back. I became straight after that; she applied oil to my stomach; then I removed the towel; my penis was already erect; and Alenia suddenly moved away. I asked what happened, and she said this was not right. I said what is not right. I had told you this in the morning itself, and then Alenia said, I told you only for work. Not for this.

taboo sex story with maid

I thought things would get worse. So I immediately said that I would never let you lack anything; now I will give you $100 more as a salary. My wife should not know about all this. After that, she became a little normal. I immediately took out $100 more from the cupboard, and while giving it to her, I said no, there would never be a shortage of anything. As soon as she caught the money, I pulled her and started sucking her lips. She hesitated a bit and then started cooperating silently.

I immediately removed the outer garment from her and also opened her bra; she became completely naked. She was young; there were light hairs on her pussy; when I opened her pussy a little, it was red from inside; she was very hot. Her breasts were tight and round and had driven me crazy. I immediately lowered her, placed the penis on her pussyfoot, and inserted it inside.

taboo sex story with maid
taboo sex story with maid

After that, she also started enjoying herself a lot. Started saying. My husband doesn’t even know how to fuck properly. You are very nice, and your penis is so big. I am having a lot of fun. After that, I started releasing her in every position. She also started cooperating. Even my wife did not give that much support. I had tight pusses. She had round breasts. I then made her lie on her stomach, and after applying some spit to her ass, I started inserting my penis in her ass. She started shouting, saying that it was hurting a lot.

I said it would be fine. She said that, till date, I have never taken my husband’s penis in the ass. I said, You take my cock; it will be a lot of fun. You will forget pussyfucking and start getting your ass fucked too. And friends, slowly and gradually, I inserted my entire penis into her ass. You are reading this story on Friends, after that, I fucked Alenia all night long.

She was not even able to walk properly in the morning. Then I prescribed pain tablets for her from the medical room. Then she came back at night. This sequence has been going on for 9 months. Now I fuck during the day only because my wife has come back, but she goes to school; she is a teacher at the school.

Then I and my beloved Alenia are about to become the mothers of my child; she is seven months pregnant. I don’t know whether her child will call me a sin, sir.

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