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A lesbian true sex stories

true sex stories - A real lesbian sex story

It was the most memorable day and my true sex story There aren’t enough beds in the house, so you and your friend Emily will have to share. You both take an early shower and go to bed because you are tired from the day.

Her bed is very small and can only fit one person. This means that when you get in together, you keep rubbing against each other. For you not to fall out, you need to hug each other.
Both of you sleep in your t-shirts, which means you’re both naked. That sounds good to you! Only t-shirts; no pants or bras. You’d like to sleep naked, but there are too many people in the house.
You can really get excited because you can feel each other’s bodies as you hold on to each other.
You keep getting wet from her body touching yours, and you like how it feels to have your Lisa pressed against you. You’re too tired from a long day to do anything, though.
You quickly fall asleep with Emily’s arms around you.
As you lay down on your belly, you fell asleep. Emily gets on top of you in the middle of the night. She starts to rub her pussycat against your behind as soon as you wake up.
When she grinds, the steady beat is very sexy. It comes as a surprise, but you think she’s asleep and having a sex dream. When you’re having a sex dream, you like to hump one of your pillows.

After that, she does something that lets you know she’s awake. She’s slowly pulling your t-shirt up over your behind. When she does, you feel her wet pussy press against your butt cheek. You can tell she has pulled up her t-shirt because you can feel her wet pussyhairs on your behind. You can now be sure that she knows what she’s doing. You are being humped!
You’re not sure what to do. There are lots of people in the house. Do not do anything in her bed that could be seen. You don’t want your Lisa to stop humming at you, though. Just lie there and act asleep.
Emily climbs on top of you slowly. She’s getting more wet. You can feel a stream of her sweat running down between your buns as she stands on top of you. You tell yourself, “She gets wet like I do!”
Emily’s breathing sounds are in your ear. She is actually gasping more than breathing. Her soft breasts feel good against your back, too. Her breasts are straight up. As she presses harder against you, you can feel her wet pubic fuzz rubbing against your cheeks. You have a gut feeling that she is about to orgasm.

There’s a spark in your sexual self that’s rising. As the lubrication starts to spread through your vagina, you can feel your clitoris throbbing with life. Your hips started to move. It hurts to grind your clitoris against the mattress while Emily masturbates on your back. Then you’re wrong. You move your legs apart and get more comfortable under her —

That really turns her off. She certainly had the wrong idea if she thought you would sleep while she masturbated against you. Now she knows you are awake.
She slides off of you all of a sudden. It’s a whisper, “I’m sorry.” “I meant not to do that.”
You turn over on your back. There is a lot of excitement in your clitoris. It’s been too long since you shared your body physically with someone, so you don’t want her to stop. It’s great to have this pretty girl on top of you.
“That’s okay,” you say. It looked good.
She doesn’t say anything, so you tell her, “Sometimes I like to rub myself against a pillow.” That’s how I can make myself finish.
After a short pause, she says, “Your behind is like a pillow.” It’s really nice against my pussycat.
You both look around to see who else is awake. Everyone’s sleeping well because they’ve had a lot to drink. But just to be safe, you both whisper. Do not do anything sexual in her bed that could get you both caught.
It’s hot in her bedroom, and being close to her is making you sweat. You get up and take off your shirt. Through the darkness, you can feel her eyes on your bare breasts. You show her off by pinching both of your nipples and making them hard.

She then stands up and takes off her T-shirt. There is no doubt about her long nipples.
You both have no idea what to do next. You’re both lying there and listening to each other breathe. It’s clear that you are both drenched because you can smell the strong scent of your sexual desire. Also, both of you are sweating because your sexual needs aren’t being met. That is, you both need to
You chose to move first. You roll over to Lisa and grab her.
Emily’s body melts against yours. She lets you use her as a pillow whenever you need to. You hug her and say it in her ear.
She rolls you over on your back and slides her naked body on top of you before you can finish. Her straight nipples feel good against yours, and her wet pussy feels good against your upper leg. That girl is drenched. You too!
Emily humps you again, and this time her thigh falls between your legs. You then hump it. While masturbating against each other, you hold on tight and don’t say a word to each other. You just hold each other and squirt each other’s wet pussies. Your bodies are wet with sweat, and your breathing is loud.
As you hit each other, Emily’s bed starts to squeak in anger.

You don’t like how Emily’s bed is creaking, so you hold her behind to slow her down. You both listen to see if anyone is awake. You can only hear breathing.
While you listen for trouble, Emily bends her head down and puts her soft lips over your mouth. Then she runs her tongue along your top lip. As her tongue moves between your lips, you lift your hips and press your clitoris against her leg.
Lisa puts her soft mouth on yours, and the two of you kiss. You’ve never had a kiss as soft and sensual as this one. Her tongue slowly slides into yours and starts a long, intense dance with yours.
Again, her hips start to move against your thigh. You can feel how wet she is. She seems to be letting it flow out of her. As you rub your hands up and down her back, she shows off her sweaty back. There is a pool of sweat between your bellies.
Then you put your hand on her head. As you break the kiss, you turn her head to the side and pull her ear close to yours. You start to run your tongue along her ear. As your tongue moves along the lines of her ear, you can hear her moan.
Emily’s hips are moving faster, and her bed starts to creak again. You’re too busy with her ear to notice, though. When your tongue reaches her neck, you start kissing it.


You can kiss Emily’s neck and ears because she is holding herself up with her hands.
You put your hand on her breasts and reach between you two. When you get to her nipple, you start to gently pinch it.
This makes her really angry! Lisa starts to beat her behind against you.
As she moans in lust, her bed shakes. She is riding you while her thigh rubs against your pussycat. Her leg is bumping into your clitoris because she has humps. You need to cough so badly that you think you’re going crazy.
Emily’s body stiffens up all of a sudden. She grunts as she has an orgasm. As she walks up, you hold her in your arms and feel her whole body shake.
You’re almost ready to finish. Her thigh is pressed against your cunt, and you fuck yourself against her until you pass out. As your heart beats, you can hear her bed shaking.
You hold each other tight after having an orgasm. Your lips meet hers, and you kiss deeply. She pulls away, then whispers, “I can’t believe I came so hard.”
“Me too,” you say with a smile. After that, you kiss again.
Out of the blue, a woman’s voice can be heard calling out. ‘Hey, what the hell is going on in there?’

As Emily slides off of you, you stay where you are and pray that she doesn’t come in and see that you are both naked and sweaty under the blanket. What might happen if she did that?

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