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Juicy sex stories

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It was my first experience, and I still remember that Juicy Sex story We were on a trip to Miami, Florida. I had a quarrel with my wife and wanted to leave, so I looked for a decent pub to drink at and stay the night.

I entered the club. I sat down at the bar and ordered a drink. After 10 minutes, a Mexican man sat near me and requested a drink. I realised he was upset and asked him what was up.

He told me it was very bad that he had just broken up with his girlfriend. I told him to try harder next time. Also, my name is Julia, and I’m from Europe. I’m here on vacation with you. Peter, from France, is a co-pilot who lives in Europe. Cheers, Peter! Let’s enjoy the night! We kept drinking and talking. As the night went on, he touched my thigh, putting his against mine, and slowly got closer to me. I didn’t realise he was hitting on me; I thought he was just being nice.

Juicy Sex stories
Juicy Sex stories

Is Julia going somewhere important tonight? Not a Peter. I just want to stay away from my wife’s face. Come on over to my hotel, and we can keep drinking if you want to. Peter, let’s go. The Diamond Hotel was close, so we walked there and went to his room. Still remember 805? Yay! Feel free to relax. I’ll be back in a minute. The bar is over there, and the mix is in the fridge. I took my shoes off and poured myself a whisky. Peter came back in a robe and sat down next to me.

He pressed himself against the couch end to kiss me. Julia, please let me take a sip of your drink. He put his hand on my thigh and rubbed it slowly. As Peter hit on me more, I was getting excited because he was making me feel good. Our bad luck with women and how easy it is to get along with guys came up. Peter made me want to be with him, so he put his arm around me and pulled me closer. He was taking off his robe, which showed his underwear. It makes sense that I was having a great time when Peter found my cock and gently rubbed it with his fingers. Julia I told her to loosen her belt and take off her top, so she did. I was in my pants at this point, and he took off his robe.

Are you all right, Julia? Ok, I’m fine, thanks. Did Peter ever kiss a guy? I haven’t, have you? I like you, Julia, and you make me horny. It’s been a long time since I was that way. When I went to get a drink, Peter kissed me on the chest and licked my nipples. I did nothing but enjoy his mouth. Peter, I wish more women were like you. He moved up to my neck and kissed me now. I brought my head up so he could kiss me all over. And Peter asked me if I had any problems. I told him, “No, just don’t stop.”

Now he got close to my mouth, and we kissed with our tongues stuck in each other. Man, that was so sensual! I had no idea kissing a guy could be so hot and sensual. We kissed deeply, as if it were our first time. As we kissed, Peter found my cock and gently touched it. I was getting stronger and wanting more of him. Peter smiled and pulled away. “Are you sure you’ve never made out with a guy?” No way, Peter. He got up and took off his pants. His cock was pointing at me, telling me, “Take them off and show me your cock.” As I looked at him with my cock, I took off my pants. He rubbed my behind gently with two fingers. I was going away.

Peter wrapped his arms around me and kissed me deeply again. Peter, you really know how to make me feel like I can fly. If you don’t mind, Julia and I are going to make love for most of the night. No, Peter. This is really hot, man. I’m glad you want it. We kissed really hard. Peter got up and walked over to me as I pulled away to catch my breath. Julia, do you like what you see? Why? A surprise could happen if you say certain things. He got closer, put his hands on my head, and let me lick his head. I love it, Peter. I liked his cum, so he put it in my mouth and fucked me while I was standing up.

He held my head down, so I couldn’t get away. He pulled away all of a sudden. Tell me, Julia, do you still love it? Thank you very much, Peter. Your cock tastes great. Peter then sat down on my lap and put my cock between his legs. He started to kiss me. Julia, you make me so hot, buddy. I am dying to fuck you. Peter, would you like to fuck my mouth? Not exactly with a laugh. He moved away and got some drinks while we sat back and held our cocks. I’m not gay, but having sex with you is out of this world, Peter. I didn’t know that before.

Juicy Sex stories
Juicy Sex stories

Julia, maybe we can be in touch and have a sexual relationship in Europe! Are you interested in that? Yes, I would. Good, then it’s all settled for a meeting. Peter laid down and asked me to lay on top of him, so I did; my cock was on his. He grabbed the tube from the table and lubed up our cocks. Now Julia slides up and down over my cock and pushes down on mine. So I raised my torso and pushed my cock against his.

Then Peter grabbed my cheeks and found my asshole. At first, he played with my hole, slowly pushing his finger in and out. It drove me crazy; it went deeper. He pulled out and put lube on his finger and my ass entrance. He kept sliding it in deeper until I felt his palm on my cheeks. I lowered myself to kiss him; our tongues met as they went into our mouths. Peter asked me to get up and bend over onto the bed. With my legs hanging there, Peter put his cock on my crack, and I could feel his balls on my cheeks. Then, when he got close to my hole, he put his cock there and pushed it in a bit. I moaned as it thrilled me with his head just inside me.

Juicy Sex stories
Juicy Sex stories

Julia I am going to fuck your tight ass until I blow my load. He pushed it slowly all the way. I was at a loss for how intoxicating it was to have a cock in my ass. Peter fucked me slowly in and out, with the thrusts becoming faster and faster. God, this was amazing. I don’t know how long he fucked me, but he blew his hot cum into my ass & fell over my butt as he unloaded his cum.

I laid there as well, then Peter pulled out his dick of my ass, not saying anything. Peter reached over, and we kissed, and I thought that females were better; Peter was the best. Julia, do you want to try your turn? I would be grateful if you did. The lube is over there. We continued to kiss as he got on top of me. I found his asshole and lubed it up! Peter laid face down on the bed with his legs down and his ass up. I found his asshole & put my cock at the entrance while I was holding it. Then I pushed it in slowly all the way. His anus squeezed my cock as it went in; it was hot and different from a cunt! So I started to fuck him as well; I loved it immensely.

Soon I was exploding in his ass, yelling as I did. He pulled away, and my cock came out. Then he wiped my cock with a wet towel and started sucking it. I was so satisfied with Peter. Julia, you made my night fantastic, and I forgot my girlfriend forever.

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