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Confession Short taboo sex stories

Taboo sex stories

Naked in Balcony: My taboo sex stories

I was on a work trip to Mumbai for a few days and had put up in an Airbnb that

was an apartment on the 27th floor in a gated community. I mostly got to

stay over at my place at night after a long day at the client’s office.

Summer’s hot enough in India and I was unlucky enough to have my AC

break down at my place. But Mumbai weather cools up at night and as I had

the place pretty much to myself, I could strip down to my innerwear when I

got back from work.

So as a post dinner ritual, I would switch off all lights for privacy, pull up a

chair to the balcony where I would sit with my phone listen to music and

enjoy my smokes for a couple of hours

There were hardly any other people out late last night and I was pretty much out

of the view or so I thought. It was fun to enjoy the cool breeze while sitting back

in just my bra top and panties

So the last night of my stay, I was out yet again watching a show on Netflix

and having my dinner. I probably lost track of time and I only looked up

when I felt a cool gust of wind of the approaching rain. It was 2 am

It was such a welcome change of weather and I decided to strip down

naked completely. My inner nudist was too excited  I kicked off my

panties and top and it felt heavenly to feel the cold wind on my body still all

sweaty from the heat. I decided to light a cigarette and stood on the

balcony edge, looking at the approaching clouds in the distance.

That’s when I heard a soft whistle. I looked around and then I saw a guy 2

towers away and 24 floors up standing in his balcony. I couldn’t see him in

the dark but I could make his silhouette out, a fellow smoker and night owl

enjoying the weather.

I was sure he had a pretty good view of me and I thought 1 should cover-up

but he didn’t seem to mind or disturb me. He waved at me and I waved

back. I could see him give me an enthusiastic thumbs up and wave his

hands a bit, tried to show he was appreciating the view

I was happy that he wasn’t being too creepy and I felt I could tease him a

bit more. I went inside and switched on a soft light behind the balcony

curtains and came back out. He was still there and I was sure he got a

much better view of me standing buck naked with my breasts hanging

loose over the balcony railing.

I gave him a good show for the next 10 minutes as I finished my cigarette. I

 could guess he was happy when he let out two soft wolf whistles at me.

Then it started to rain and I went back inside as I had a flight to catch in the

morning, glad I made some random guy’s day (or night)

taboo sex stories
taboo sex stories

2nd Confession

A neighbor caught her getting Fucked (taboo sex stories) 

  I am a 21F in my final year of college at Delhi (INDIA).I’ve been considering making this post about myself for quite some time, so here it is.

It is difficult to find a more apt term for the phenomenon that my flatmate introduced to me: guy freebies (gifts for sex). I currently reside away from home. I have utilised it to a considerable degree.

College was a time when I spent my money on extravagant vacations, shopping excursions, beds, and car seats.

This incident transpired while I was in the company of a gentleman (let’s call him A) at his exquisite flat (supernova). As the inhabitants of Delhi (INDIA) and Delhi are cognizant, the buildings are in close proximity, making it effortless to observe activities occurring in the opposite flat. Aware of this,

I requested that A shut the balcony door, but in return, he received only a severe spanking and was pushed further onto his bed.As we sat on the balcony later that evening, A decided to f*ck me right then.I could also see individuals (two men in particular) standing in the flat opposite mine.

 Although I harboured a desire to enter, A had presented me with a remarkably costly bag, explaining that its purpose was to serve as a form of repayment.I attempted to persuade Ice to let me go, but to no avail; I was quickly fucked.

I additionally observed that those individuals were intently observing us, as they were pointed at us. I went inside as soon as A was finished and couldn’t stop thinking about them and the possibility that they had captured images or videos of me in the act.

A eventually managed to rationalise the situation with me by maintaining a composed demeanour.

After that, I visited A’s residence and observed one of them waving at me from his flat; I have no idea why, but it’s simply an attraction. However, please keep it a secret; otherwise, they will receive a free show every day.


What is the sex scandal ?

A sex scandal refers to a public controversy that encompasses accusations or disclosure of potentially unethical sexual behaviour, frequently involving prominent figures such as actors, politicians, film personalities, or athletes.

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