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lesbian sex stories (massage)

lesbian sex stories

A Lesbian sex Story message woman who gets a massage and more than she ever imagined.

There are times when having a job isn’t as great as people say it is. A lot of stress,  and  a lot of hours, and really no time for anyone else besides work. That’s how things have been for me for a while now. It’s not worth the money because it can be lonely and stressful. It was

I hadn’t been in a relationship of any kind in at least two years, and I couldn’t even remember what it would be like to be in one. It had been about three months since I last masturbated. A friend at work told me one day that I should get a full massage. I liked the idea of it, and she told me she knew where I should go. It would be nice and help me relax. She pulled out her phone and looked up the address. The business in question was only a few blocks away. Though I wasn’t sure if I should go yet, she told me to take a long lunch break tomorrow and just go. When I finally said yes, she told me it was the best choice she had made in weeks.

I took a cab to their business after 7:00 the next afternoon. Upon entering, the modern, attractive space was accompanied by quiet music. Upon arrival, someone offered me a complementary drink. I thought it would be water, but they offered me a miniature champagne bottle and poured it. I was

shocked, impressed, and astonished. Nothing like this was expected! Later, a woman approached with a tablet and offered a full session for $100. Though costly, I indulged in some self-care after a long time without it. She swiped my card on the plugged-in box and informed me that my massage will arrive shortly. When she arrived, she greeted me and escorted me to my room after I completed my champagne. Not expecting a female masseuse, I was surprised by her beauty. She wore red hair halfway down her back, a white button-down shirt, black slacks, and dark leather slide sandals with deep red toenails, contrasting with her milky white skin. In the dimly lit room, she ordered me to a separate room to remove my clothes and wrap me in a towel. Ask her, “Take off everything?” She said, “Yep, nude from head to toe.” I felt apprehensive about being naked around strangers and wanting to look as toned as I was before.
Wrapped with “very plush towel”

After lighting candles and incense, she instructed me to put my face in the hole and let my feet dangle off the table.

She started out by kneading my back moving up to my shoulders After rubbing me down, she applied warm oil on my back and carefully massaged it in. Her hands sliding against my skin was divine! While working on my thighs, she applied warm, smooth rocks to specific areas of my back. Over the next five minutes,

she reached my Calf and foot massage, including between my toes. After applying oil again, she removed the rocks from my back and, to my surprise, removed my towel, leaving me naked. As she rubbed and squeezed oil into my naked butt, my heart stayed still. Especially when her hand stroked between my pussy lips and slipped between my cheeks. My eyes were wide open and I asked, “What’s happening?” She just said, “Relax and enjoy, honey.

“I laid there in shock as she slowly massaged her oily fingers over my pussy lips, which I felt.
AMAZING. After a few minutes, she slowly removed her hand and said, “ok, go ahead and flip over now.” I looked around and remarked, “I’m not sure if I’m comfortable… naked and all.” Smiled, she continued.

After wiping her hands, she unzipped her shirt and removed it, showing me her huge exposed breasts without shame.
Standing next to me in black pants, she hung up her shirt. She tilted her head and asked, “more comfortable now?” I laughed and replied, “Well…yes, a little.” Let’s flip over. Nothing to hide.

She began at my feet once more, massaging them deeply and inserting her fingers into my soles. She commented, “I have to say, you have very pretty feet,” as she moved to my second foot. I appreciate it when women look after their feet.” “Thanks…I think you do too,” I answered with a little chuckle. Within a

lovely voice, she uttered “aww, thank you sweetie!” “I just wish I could kick off my shoes at work like you do.” “Just a benefit of the work, my love. However, I adore walking barefoot. I would go barefoot for the entire day if I could.” “Mmm…me too….”

It took me a while to realize that my legs had slightly parted apart, allowing her to get a beautiful view of my vagina because the small conversation had helped me relax a little. She proceeded to massage the oil up my legs, avoiding my breasts. She gently rubbed the oil into them while slowly squeezing them.

kneading each one separately. Her hands moved down my stomach, slithering around until they reached my pubic mound. She didn’t mind that I hadn’t cut my own hair in a long time as she carefully ran her fingers through my thick, black hair.

I was feeling really excited, and her fingers quickly found their way to my clit. She massaged from my clit to the bottom of my now-wet lips and back up with the gentlest touch possible. I was shivering. Her fingers circled my clit, and I started to breathe more rapidly and deeply.

maintaining me just on the verge of ecstasy. And then I arrived. I was left shaking on the table as her warm tingles continued to tickle my clit, causing me to scream with a force I hadn’t felt in a long time. When I did eventually get down, I just gazed at the ceiling before starting to weep. “Is everything ok, sweetie?” she inquired, kneeling down and sliding her hands over my stomach. “Yes, it’s wonderful…it’s just been so long since anyone touched me,” I murmured, wiping my eyes and nodding. “Thank you.” “You’re welcome, sweetie…are you ready to keep going?” she added with a smile. “We aren’t finished?” She chuckled and added, “No, honey, we’re not done yet.

After I replied okay, she got back up, lowered herself, and spread my legs wide while bending my knees and putting pressure on my foot soles.
She probed my vagina with both hands, her middle finger inserted deep while her other hand softly tugged at my pussy hair. My mouth was hanging wide and my eyes were closed as I indulged in my second masturbation. My toes were clicking together as she

Her left hand massaged my greasy stomach, her thumb slipped across my clit, and her finger glided within me and against my g-spot. I’m not sure how long she worked on me for, but I do know that when she touched me, I felt something different than when I would masturbate.
“Let it out, sweetie…don’t hold back,” she said. Give yourself a climax. She continued talking for about a minute more when I could

I sense myself drawing nearer.

“Yes, yes, I’m going to cum,” I muttered. Now, as her other hand rubbed and squeezed my breast, her finger was rapidly going in and out of my moist hole. My legs stiffened and my toes wriggling wildly as I trembled on the table, letting out a loud, guttural cry. I didn’t want her hand to ever leave my vagina, but sadly, I felt her finger gently drop from my

gap. “Feel better now, sweetie?” she murmured, rubbing her palm across my thigh. I only nodded and managed to choke out, “Yes…so much. “I’m very happy for you, my love. Alright, let’s get you cleaned up.

When it came time to rinse off all the oil, she took out her flip flops from a drawer and put them on me before I even got up from the table. She could tell my legs felt like wet noodles. “Would you like me to help you in the shower?” Yes, I’d like to assist.

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