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true sex stories - A real lesbian sex story

It all started with an Evening with romantic silent music playing. There I was, sipping my drink by a warm fire with my best friend.

It was a nice surprise to be alone that afternoon. The kids’ dads took them to the park and then to get ice cream. We almost didn’t know what to do! That’s what girls do when they don’t have any guys around: they talk about everything.

As we talked, I missed the fact that she had moved closer to me. When did she touch my thigh? I asked myself in silence. I remember thinking I must have had more to drink than I thought. When I looked at her, it was like she was waiting to see how I would respond when I realized what she had done or if I seemed uncomfortable.

I thought little goosebumps going through my body from my skin. In the past, I had only been sexual with men. I had never really thought about being with a woman. I had thought about it and dreamed about it but didn’t think it would ever happen. When I felt a vibration between my legs, I knew I had to touch her and feel her skin next to mine.

lesbian sex story
lesbian sex story

I cried out, “No, please don’t move away.” My hand touched her face.

She understood and moved closer. Now, merely inches apart, we sat; my heart pounding, heat rising as we stared into each other’s eyes. I felt shy, not sure what to do. She placed her hand on my face, cupping my chin as she brought her lips to mine. I moaned, trembling at her touch. I leaned into her kiss with all my being, needing her lips on mine.

As we got down on our knees, I felt her tongue move across my lips. I had my hands on her waist and pulled her close. I wasn’t wearing a bra and her kiss had made my nipples hard. While she pinched and pulled on my breasts, I moaned again and felt my legs getting wet.
her nipples as erect as mine,
I almost touched her, but I held back and used my tongue to undo her pants instead. I leaned back to look at her as she wiggled out of them, taking in the shape of her hips and breasts. I wanted to eat her whole.

She watched as I slowly pulled my shirt over my head and then stood up to take off my pants. She smiled happily when she saw that I wasn’t wearing any underwear or a bra. “Did you plan this” She was amused.

She told me that she had wanted me since we first met a few years ago but that the chance never came up.

She wanted to take it easy because this was something new for me. She moved me to the floor slowly. Even though I felt like I couldn’t do anything, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She kissed my neck and ran her hands over my breasts and down to my belly, stopping just above the small patch of hair that covered my throbbing clit. I move around, moan, and beg her to touch my pussy.

Along the path her hands had taken, she kissed him. As soon as her lips touched my stomach, I felt her fingers tease my clit and slowly move down it. I took a sharp breath in and arched my back. I sat up straight to let her touch me inside.

She moved them in and out slowly while I ground my pussy in time. I knew that she wanted to lick my pussy

Is this true? I want her touch all the time, and she’s asking me to give it to her. I beg, “Oh God, please.”

I felt like my body was going to burst when her tongue touched my clit. I’ve never felt this way before! To tease me, she ran her tongue over the lips of my pussy. I pushed my hips up, which made her tongue go inside me. She licked me all over, inside and out, and fucked me with that beautiful tongue! It felt like my body wanted to come, but I blocked it out. I begged my courage, “This can’t end so soon!”

She moved her hands around to cup me behind, which made me taller so she could fuck me harder. She played with my behind as she squeezed it. When I pushed back, I caught her finger in that most secret spot.

It was her eyes that caught mine when I looked down. I told her, “Yes please, fuck my behind with your fingers while you fuck my pussy with your tongue.”

When I said those words, her eyes lit up even more, and I could feel her gently pressing her fingers against me, massaging me to make entry easier. I moaned as I pushed back against her soft hand. Suddenly, her finger started moving in and out.

“Oh my God!” It feels great!”

She could tell how close my orgasm was because my body was shaking. Her tongue was soft and slow, but her fingers were moving faster and harder. Combining them was very strong. I twisted my hands in her hair and pushed her face deeper into my pussy while I had the craziest orgasm ever.

As I lay there panting and feeling every muscle in my body, I opened my eyes to see her smiling at me. I knew she had made me feel better in a way that no one else had. When I looked at her naked body on top of me, my body started to respond again.

In a husky whisper, I asked her if I could try to make her feel the way she made me feel.

She gave me a kiss with a smile. “I’m not leaving. At least we have a few more hours together!” She said this as she rolled off of me and pulled me into a hot kiss that sent my mind spinning again.



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