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Taboo sex stories

taboo sex stories

it was my first Taboo sex stories “Oh, it’s you.” I move aside to allow my sister to enter. This individual has always enraged me, long before he began dating my sister. “Jeny, James is here.” As I call her, my sister is already running down the stairs. Without devoting any effort to the smoochfest, I promptly returned to my room.

After several hours, my sister passed by my room. “i’m heading out for a bit, Marina, please be nice to James while I’m gone.” 

I am completely buried in my nose.

I was doing my homework and could hardly hear her words. I feel as though the hairs on my neck are standing on end and that I am being observed minutes later. James is observed leaning against the doorframe as I turn around.

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massage sex stories

 “What do you want?” 

Regardless of how much I dislike him, I cannot deny that he is currently looking absolutely stunning. “What are you doing?” It is evident that he lacks genuine interest. simply bored and eager to annoy me. 

After turning away from him, I endeavored to return to my work. “Homework.”

“On a Sunday?” He mocks. “You’re such a nerd.”

Recognizing that he is merely attempting to provoke me to stand, I simply shrug my shoulders. 

“Well, not everyone receives good grades as a reward for playing around.”


“balls throughout the day.” I become increasingly irritated whenever I hear him chuckle; whenever I insult him, he simply laughs it off: 

“You certainly have a way with words, kitten. He always seems to know precisely which buttons to push in order to provoke me, 

despite my best efforts to prevent him from doing so.


“Will you stop calling me that?!” When we first met, he awarded me the moniker because he once owned a cat bearing the same name as mine.

“Why don’t you just lighten up a little.”

“Why don’t you just fuck off.”

“Why not simply blow me away?”

An idea occurs to me at that moment: I am certain to prevail in this fight; he will be rendered speechless. 

“You may now remove your trousers, young man. “Boy.”

 I cannot help but smile as I observe his stunned expression. 

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massage sex stories

However, my initial statement is quickly corrected as it becomes evident that he is not yet prepared to surrender in the battle.

He slowly unbuckles his belt and responds, “Of course.” 

He called my bluff; I certainly will not concede so easily.

“Why so slow, think I won’t do it?” 

I challenge him and approach by a few steps; he folds before I do, and I am beginning to question my judgement as a result.


He unbuttoned his jeans and allowed them to fall to the ground. I am aware that I should intervene, but I cannot allow him to believe he has prevailed. 

He will certainly chicken out; it is highly improbable that he will refrain. 

As I return my attention to his countenance, his foolish grin indicates that he already believes he has triumphed, Satan, albeit not today.

“In what way are you frightened?” Sadly, he did not. In response to his taunt, I am more resolved than ever to remove that idiotic grin from his idiotic face.

 I descend to my knees and raise my gaze towards him.

Not even remotely. I am eager to force you to expel your load. Without a doubt, you won’t last long.” 

As I approach his hips,

 I grasp the waistband of his boxers with both hands. Again, 

I raise my gaze to him, as we both are determined to avoid defeat in this game of chicken. Seriously? Am I truly going to do this correctly?


Ignore it.

As soon as he removes his boxers, my attention is immediately drawn to his cock, which is not difficult to discern but is already quite sizable.

We both remain motionless for a few seconds; when I finally exhale the breath I’ve been holding, his dick expands slightly. I consider surrendering and allowing him to win for a brief moment, but he then decides to taunt me once more. “What, never seen a dick before, or just not one this size?”

His arrogance infuriates me; I can no longer give up. 

I maintain eye contact with him while holding his cock in my hand and lean in closer to consume the head of his dick. I eventually avert my gaze from it and begin licking and sucking on it, sensing its expansion in my mouth as I delve deeper into it. 


Momentarily, I cannot believe I’m doing this, but gradually, I begin to accept my horniness at 2:00 a.m. and even begin to enjoy it. According to the sounds of it, James is also enjoying it. Despite his best efforts to suppress them, his moans are fuel for the fire that is igniting within me.

As I close my eyes and listen to his moans, I become completely engrossed in the moment. I no longer care how much I despise this individual or that he is dating my


Sister, I am. The horniness I’m experiencing is driving me insane. I have never gone any further than giving blowjobs, 

although I have to admit that I have never done so frequently.

James is now moaning more loudly and no longer suppressing his voice, which encouraged me to continue. 

Although I hate to admit it, 

his cock is currently rock hard and the largest I’ve ever seen in person. It is not as though there have been an excessive number.


“You’re really good at that.” 

Without a sarcastic remark or jest, this is a sincere compliment. Miracles are, in fact, a reality. With the intent of demonstrating my worthiness of the compliment, 

I intently crinkle his cheek and suck slightly harder.


I am immediately rewarded with additional delectable moans from him.

As he steps back, his hand suddenly touches my chin, and he pushes it up, 

causing me to look up as his cock escapes my mouth. Prior to expressing my objection, 

I feel his lips brush against mine. 

Despite having just extinguished his breath, a kiss seems in some way too intimate, but my reluctance vanishes instantly and I return the favour.


While breaking our embrace, he casts me a hungry glance. “You really are going to make me cum way too fast if you keep going like that.”


 “Has no one ever before sucked your dick?” 

I mock him.


As he pulls me closer to him while seated on the bed, he chuckles. 

“Not this well,” 

I blush, so I turn my head away to prevent him from seeing. 

However, he cups my cheek with his hand and pulls me back into a passionate embrace. He reclines on my bed and pulls me onto him while maintaining our kiss. 

I can feel his cock press against me between my legs as 

I straddled him. Its access to my, at this moment, drenched pussy, is restricted to the delicate fabric of my undergarments. He grasps my posterior and forces me tightly against him while grinding his cock against me.


There was a brief moment when I seriously considered having sex with him in this very location. However, as he removes my underwear and 

I feel the tip of his cock press against my entrance, 

I momentarily panic and regain my composure.


Thankfully, he stops immediately and allows me to exit him.

“What’s wrong?” 

His voice was filled with concern, and as he began to gently stroke my arm, 

I began to feel a sense of calm.


“Nothing, just..” 

I hesitate slightly out of concern that he will ridicule me

.I reposition my underwear before confessing, 

“You know, I’ve never… you know,” 

as I finally mustered the courage to look at him, “done it.”

With a nod in assurance and a diminished appearance of concern, he says, “That’s alright; we don’t need to go that far.” I stop him by placing my hand on his chest as he approaches. 


At this point, we have no business doing this; you are with my sister. You ought not to be unfaithful to her.”

“I am not unfaithful to her.” 

I look at him, obviously bewildered, because I have no idea what he is attempting to say. “Jeny and I are in an open relationship. We’re not exclusive, so it’s not cheating,” he clarifies to me.


However, she remains my sister. 

She could not possibly be okay with this.

“The more I consider it, the more improper it feels to me.” 

‘Why am I perhaps even more receptive now than I was a moment ago?’ 

She is considerably more receptive than you believe. Have faith, everything will be fine. “Please proceed here.” 


Without resistance, he draws me into his embrace.

“Besides,” he reiterates,

 “We’ve come this far, no need to stop now and both be frustrated.”

Although I am unconvinced, do not object to his leaning in and kissing me. 

It’s as if he has me enchanted in some way that causes me to forget everything.


my morals and the fact that I generally dislike him.

“We shouldn’t.” 

Again, I attempt, 

but I am astounded by how unconvincing I sound.

I quickly find myself once again completely engrossed in the present moment. Softly moaning as he kisses my neck, I permit him to remove my shirt and bra. The size of his hands diminishes the appearance of my breasts considerably more than when I touch my own. It tastes even better when his dexterous fingers caress my nipples than when I perform the action myself. 


“May God be with me if I go too far,” he whispers softly in my ear as one of his hands slips between my legs and descends my body. After I kiss him and briefly expose my underwear, he pushes them aside and begins to rub my clit legs further to facilitate his access. He initially rubs me.


in a direct manner. Although using his other hand, he continued to tease my breasts, turning each one in its own direction. Subsequently, he squats and licks my nipples, causing me to exclaim in amusement as he playful nibbles at them with his teeth. I feel myself approaching Cumming rapidly, but he abruptly stops just before I achieve an orgasmic state.

“Not yet,” he murmurs.


Subsequent to his repositioning, he once again elevates me above him, this time in a 69 position. I’ve always wanted to try this ever since I first saw it in porn and have never attempted it myself. Once again, with his cock directly in front of me, I began eagerly sucking him in as deeply as possible without the hesitation that had previously accompanied it. As soon as I feel his tongue on my clit, I am unable to contain my groan. I have previously been licked in that area, but it was not nearly as good as this. I appreciate the


I could feel his hands caressing my pussy and his tongue eagerly working on it. I squeaked in surprise when he quickly spanked my behind for forgetting to continue blowing him, for which I was punished. Again, begin blowing him obediently. However, after some time passes, I intentionally stop and receive another spanking, which this time causes me to moan.


We play around in this manner for a while, teasing one another without speaking, until I feel we are regaining our closeness. This time around, he continues and intensifies his behaviour, evidently intending for me to cum. I exert maximum effort to maintain my composure while concentrating on destroying him to the fullest extent of my capabilities. I am unable to contain myself for that long, and I quickly experience an orgasmic sensation unlike any I’ve ever had before. Almost simultaneously, James emits a deep groan and


begins cumming as well. As I continue to ride the waves of my orgasmic state, I deeply inhale him and consume each steam of cum that he exhales down my throat. He pulls me into his arms as I roll off of him and lie down next to him after I have finished sucking the last drop of cum from his cock.


As he looks into my eyes, we both attempt to catch our breaths. I’ve never seen him with such a soft expression; it’s almost as if he were an entirely different person. Upon receiving another kiss from him, I immediately return the compliment by kissing him back. After I protest with a soft whimper as he breaks our kiss, he proceeds to tenderly stroke my cheek.


“Can I be your first?” 

Although I am fully cognizant of his intentions and should promptly reject him, an inner force compels me to contemplate the possibility of allowing him to be my first. As I prepare to respond affirmatively, I am abruptly brought back to reality when I hear my sister say, “Yes,” from downstairs.


Ripped abruptly to my senses, I immediately rise from my bed. “No way, get out of my room, and don’t you ever tell anyone about what happened here.” As I hastily lock the door to my bathroom, my heart is racing.


To be continued….

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