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beach sex stories 69

beach sex stories 69

It was a random thing After so many years, we saw each other on a Miami beach and this story is about how we get intimate on beach and it turned in to sex. my memorable sex stories 69

There were always six of us, both during and after college. Every action was executed in unison. As we all obtained and established ourselves in our respective careers, we lost contact for a few years following college. After our encounter, we came to the agreement that we both required a little more effort to maintain our relationships. As agreed, Beach Week was the itinerary. Everyone in Nags Head and Miami Beach, which is a well-liked seashore, marked their calendars for the third week of June.

We would reserve a beach house and begin our beach week by sleeping in on Saturday as a group of six. Each of the six of us had slept with the other during our college years, and our arrangement was to switch companions every three days. It was thereafter a “do whatever you please” situation.

Fit, we were all in our mid-thirties.

Although the couple was married, neither the spouses nor the girlfriends or suitors extended invitations. As usual, there was nostalgic reflection on individuals and anecdotes. That, when combined with wine, beer, and hilarity, produced an unforgettable evening or two. We all received an excessive amount of sun for the first few days, but we continued to rotate companions despite the sunburn.

One limitation we identified with the third week of June was that it coincided with the high school graduation season in the region, during which a significant number of high school graduates flocked to the shore. Dozens of them were observed congregating in groups. They consumed an excessive amount of lager and became boisterous. The house adjacent to ours was occupied by a litter of four this year. In attendance were three Caucasian males and one black male. In all honesty, that occurred at the start of the week. There were three red men and one black guy by the third day.

Our group reached a consensus to subject these 18-year-olds to torture by leaving the blinds in the guestrooms that face the teen’s residence unobstructed. The gentlemen who lived next door would observe our group’s intercourse every night. Vocalizations such as “fuck that bitch” and “ride that cunt” could be heard emanating from them.

We also had the ability to see them, and by the conclusion of the second day, they had all exposed their genitalia in response to our group engaging in sexual activity. They were, in fact, lustful, scurrying cowards.

Following a day spent at the shore, I elected to stroll around the neighbourhood. Circulating roads flanked by eight-foot-tall wax myrtles enticed me along. A dense, verdant hedge that obscures the view, the myrtle is prevalent throughout Nags Head.

I leisurely strolled along in flip-flops and shorts, donning the breeze that was characteristic of this early evening hour. I avoided hastening. This was among the beach’s most valuable finds in June.

I observed an automobile parked along the row of myrtles on the side of the road in front of me. I averted my attention until I approached the vehicle and observed an individual merely seated in the driver’s seat. I then noticed the cause: a blonde head of hair was drooping above his seat. This cretard was having his genitalia licked.

As I approached, the sounds of her slurping and his groaning became harder to hear.

Before they noticed me, I was leaning against the car door with his eyes closed. The blonde exhibited no response and continued slurping. It was immediately apparent that she was not a novice, as she was extracting every inch of his shaft, including his pubic hair.

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“Fuck you, friend,” I replied. “Where did you get her?”

“She was just discovered on the beach moments ago.” Evidently, she is a very enthusiastic young lady.

“She looks like she’s enjoying it,” I indicated.

“You will not believe her talent.” “Hey, keep your distance; you can have her once she has devoured me,” he advised.

I thought about it before abandoning the notion. After circling the vehicle, I opened the door and peered inside. Her posterior was protruding and aimed directly at me. I extended my hand and lightly caressed her genitalia. She had become drenched. She was attired in a dress bottom with ties at the sides. As soon as I severed the threads, the knots disintegrated. Her pleasant posterior was fully operational.

Her moan was exacerbated when she was fingered, but she never slowed down from cocksucking the other man. I placed two fingertips into her embrace and observed that it was invitingly warm and moist. She slightly rocked backwards and forwards while riding my fingertips. She was promptly clumsily rubbing herself on my digits. As her body jolted, the volume of her moaning increased.

I retreated slightly and, while standing by the open car passenger door, adjusted the drawstring waistband of my shorts, allowing it to descend to the ground. Already, my manhood is indicating the interior of the vehicle and the cunt of this woman. Upon glancing around, I did not observe any individuals. Although I wasn’t accustomed to fucking in public, I dang well didn’t pass up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The breeze could be felt caressing my cock, testicles, and ass. Everything seems very tropical and indigenous.

After further contemplation, I came to the conclusion that the mere presence of an observer could potentially provoke us. As I entered the vehicle, I bowed my head. As I positioned my foot on the floorboard and placed one leg on the seat adjacent to hers, I inclined my cock to a point of contact. As I rubbed the end of my cock against her lips, I gradually absorbed her pussy fluid. I interpreted her slightly louder moans while still sucking the other man’s cock as approbation and eagerly inserted my own hard cock into her pussy. Immediately following the complete entrapment of my cockhead within her, I perceived her pussy constricting around my cock. I initiated a lunge toward her.

She ejected the cock of the other individual just long enough to utter, “Harder, deeper, faster.” I began to abuse her as if she were the vicious vixen that she was. I could feel her juices dripping down my ball-sack as it rubbed against her crotch; she was so drenched. I delight in the sensation of being completely submerged in a pussy that is appreciative.

I was so preoccupied with my cock that I failed to detect the four high school graduates approaching us from the house next door. They obviously had knowledge of the situation.

The individual seated in the driver’s position was prepared to. “Place your mouth on my genitalia, you little woman. Consume the entirety of my manhood when I squirt itt,” he said, pressing her head against his shaft while squirting in her mouth. He exclaimed an extended “Motherfucker.” This is the most I’ve accumulated in weeks. “All of it, baby, take it in.”

My body was sensing its own readiness to discharge. As my cock testicles approached the base, a tingling sensation began to emanate. That pushed me over the limit, and I began squirting the blonde’s cunt from deep within. She contracted her womanhood in an effort to grasp my cock. She allowed me to come inside her while sucking down the other man’s cum, and her body became immobile. Her body began to tremble as she experienced yet another orgasmic sensation.

Graduates from high school had surrounded the vehicle. A man on the driver’s side of the vehicle had extracted his manhood and was firmly pressing it against the face of the blonde. He was certain he would be the next target of her fiery mouth. The opposing individual emerged from his seat and proceeded to retrieve his footwear and trousers from the floorboard. He clothed himself hastily and departed as though nothing had transpired.

“Hey.” I addressed him with a greeting. “Don’t you want your car?”

He responded with a sideways head tilt and stated, “Not my vehicle.”

Following the cumin, I resumed tossing her with my still-firm shaft. As the high school graduates approached, they began to express their opinions verbally. Fear, which I interpreted from the slight hesitation in their voices, indicated that this was their inaugural experience and that any errors would be exposed to their peers.

“All right, step back, you horny little bastard,” I said. As they did so, I ascended the passenger door and re-entered the vehicle in my underwear. I returned my gaze to the blonde. My cum was putting on a display by running down her leg, which the guys appeared to enjoy.

I turned and made my way away. Ten yards later, I turned around and gazed back. Each boy had removed his briefs, revealing his high school dicks, which were all set to challenge the blonde. They were competing to see who could make her moan the loudest and perform it longer, deeper, and more effectively.

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