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Reddit sex stories (Short Confession)

Reddit sex stories

On my Reddit Sex Stories account, I got 3 short confessions from people who needed public opinion. where you all, the audience, can comment and help them

Reddit sex stories (Short Confession)

Draining 12 years of a relationship 

I ended my relationship with a girl 12 years ago. Initially, everything ran smoothly, but subsequently, she exhibited toxic behaviour by constantly blaming and controlling me.

I fought for everything throughout this year’s multiple breakups. However, she recently called me informally and stated that it was not going to work out. I replied, “Okay,” because she had apparently decided to leave. 

After a few days, she began to call me for extended periods of time, asking,

“How can you leave me? You didn’t even fight for it.” Later that day, she inquired as to who the “walking guy” was with whom I had met a name, and we returned home without going out. She had known for a few years how I had made it through eight calls, during which time I had consumed one or two drinks and made an error in identifying the “guy u way guy” a few months prior.

Immediately after I left her, she returned, beseeching and sobbing, pleading with me not to do it; she genuinely loved me after all. 

A few days after I rejected her, she called me and said, “You ruined my life.” How might one proceed? Teach me how to move on, as I was unable to do so myself. What exactly is my error in the midst of this? Am I erroneous in this?

She calls or texts me approximately once per month in an attempt to disturb my peace of mind.

2 Reddit sex stories (Short Confession)

Trust concerns 

I am two years older than the girl I have been dating for the past three years. During that time, we have experienced many ups and downs, and it all began when I first cheated on her.

After getting inebriated and kissing another person, we subsequently had a heated argument, but we reconciled and I realised my error as a man; I was doing her this way in error. However, as our relationship developed, I later discovered, after two years, that she had been engaging in sexting and flirting with several mutual acquaintances. She wept,

but I ignored the matter because I believed she deserved the same opportunity that she had granted me. However, as time passed, we entered into a long-distance relationship, and I caught her again with a new man. Once more, I ignored it. In total, I am aware that she has been in constant communication with five men. Furthermore, I have not experienced any sexual satisfaction from this situation. 

Reddit Sex stories
Reddit Sex stories

3 Reddit sex stories (Short Confession)

Do I Need marriage counseling?

I was raised as an only child within challenges.

My parents divorced sixteen years ago over complicated matters, and my mother, who had limited formal education, raised me. I graduated college as the first member of my family to do so.

Without much guidance as a child, I frequently experienced loneliness, which led to a number of brief relationships. Eight years ago, on the other hand, I met my boyfriend. In particular, he has been extraordinarily supportive and considerate of my health concerns.

However, his career has been marked by difficulties, as he was unable to obtain a stable position despite devoting 6 years to preparing for the entrance exams and an unsuccessful business venture.

As I currently consider the option of settling down, His career has been devoid of any substantial progress over the course of the past eight years. Concerning what this indicates for our future, I am anxious. Considering his lack of professional advancement, I am uncertain as to whether I should continue working with him or wait for someone else who may be more secure. 

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