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Reddit sex stories 69

Reddit sex stories 69

Cumming together is a perfect 69. A real Reddit Sex stories 69,  I hope you like it. Ever happened when you both cum together.


The playroom is perfect for 69

This is my guest bedroom, where we mess up the sheets before going to bed in the master bedroom’s clean bed. I played romantic country music. We face each other dressed. She is petite and fits at 5′ 8″ and 90 pounds. A straight brunette with red undertones, her hair falls to her shoulders. I gaze into her eyes and kiss her deeply, holding her close. She moans, and I kiss her harder. For a while, we kiss lightly and deeply. Her hand squeezes my dick to hardness through my pants.

I step back and undress her. She removes her clothes quickly and shows me her nakedness. Nearly D-cup breasts hang down beautifully, large for her body but beautiful. As I flick my tongue across one of her nipples, it hardens.  She moaned and said, “Take your clothes off.” I stop and remove my clothes. Slowly  Now naked, I hold her close, feeling her warmth, her breasts against my chest, and my erection just above her pussycat. We kiss again.

I kiss her gently, then passionately. She kisses me back.

I flip her over and lay on top of her, pushing her legs wide and my crotch on hers. I kiss her passionately again, pushing my dick against her pussycat entrance. My dick rubs against her as she gasps and raises her hips. Our tongues dance as we kiss and peck. I want to do a 69, but I hesitate to move. I want to be inside her, and she wants too. I tease her by moving further on top of her, but I know I must go on to the 69.

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“Slowly, we started doing 69.” I stand and stare at her. Me on the bottom and her on top, lying flat on the bed, is our favourite position. I lie face up with my hands to my sides so she may position her knees on either side of my head. She faces my feet and positions herself. I positioned a pillow beneath my head to keep her pussycat an inch above my mouth. I get excited when I start this job. A lovely picture of her pussycat, lips, legs, buttocks, and asshole is before me. Having a wonderful meal before me makes me hungry. What do I lick and kiss first? Everything looks great. My partner has minimal hair down there and keeps her pussycat tidy, making it look even tastier.

Kissing her legs and thighs first and lightly rubbing her back calms me. I can’t see what she’s doing to me since I’m focused on her, but I can feel it. She takes my dick, still erect from our play, and eats it. She starts slowly, kissing and licking my dick before putting it back in her mouth. I kiss her pussy lips and tongue them to moisten them. I barely stick my tongue inside her and then lick her lips. “You taste so wonderful, honey.” Tell her. She doesn’t respond, so I lick and enjoy. She gets really wet before I lick her clitoral area. Her body shudders as I touch it. I know I’m on target.

Sucking harder on my dick, she moves her head up and down while her fingers lightly jack me off the base.

I briefly consider orgasm before licking her clitoral area again. I lick quicker. Her speed increases towards me. She delicately holds my balls with one hand and uses her other hand and mouth to raise and lower my dick rapidly. This is my favourite part. She’s about to make me cum. That makes me want to orgasm, so I try to make her cum. Before pushing her over, I lick her quicker, lightly stroke her thighs, and insert a finger into her.

Indeed, the finger did it. Her pussycat grips my finger as she orgasms. My ears are clamped by her thighs. I climax a single second after her as she thrusts me into her lips. As my body spasms, pleasure intensifies. I only have power over my tongue, so I keep licking, hoping she likes it. I get her orgasmic juices from her contractions. The juices are sweeter than usual. As she moans and drinks my juices, I enjoy every drop. I feel like I’m pouring a gallon of cum into her mouth, yet she doesn’t choke or lose a drop.

When we both come down from pleasure, I feel tingly all over and pretty much worn out. It’s still possible for me to lick her. She will sometimes let me keep going until she has another orgasm. Today, though, she gets up and turns around, so we’re lying next to each other. She rests her head on my shoulder and puts one hand on my dick. “That was great,” she says. It feels good to have her juices on my face, which is shiny and wet.

I think about what happened as I lay there. It was like a dream come true. It was really hot. It feels so good to be cumming together, hugging each other close, and swallowing each other’s cum. Everything was great for me: her taste, the sights and sounds of her orgasm, my orgasm, and everything else. It makes me stand up straight again, so I look down and see that. She puts her hand on my dick and moves it up and down, making me even harder. It’s crazy to me. I had a big orgasm not long ago, and now I’m getting hard again. She works her way up my dick and then moves on to my nipples. “Looks like you are ready for round two!” She climbs on top of me and faces me like a cowgirl. She puts me inside and starts to push on top of me before I can say anything.

Honey, I won’t stay long this way; you feel great.” I spoke between thrusts.

I don’t want you to last long, baby. I want your cum within me.”

She plays with my nipples while feeding me breasts. Her hips undulate sensuously as she thrusts. My orgasm is coming. I succumb to the moment and cry out, not trying to last.

Oh fuck, Honey, please, I am going to…”

Cum, cum within me!” She finishes my sentence. I squirted inside her, as she said. I had no idea I had cum left. I managed to release three powerful squirts inside her.

I feel it. Put cum in me.” She gently grabs my balls now, encouraging more to come out as she falls back and puts her entire weight on my crotch, forcing me farther within. Shaking and grunting, I try to dump more into her. After it, I feel absolutely limp and relaxed. I see her. My second orgasm. Would she have liked that more than me? She didn’t cum, but she appears to relish making me erupt, quake, and lose control beneath her.

She leaves me and rejoins me. I tell her, “I think I am done for the day, honey; that was awesome.”

Get some sleep. Could we do three rounds tomorrow?” With a twinkle, she says.


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